What is Dust Protection?

To Intellectual Homes, dust protection is a critical step to separate the space between the client’s living area and the construction project. We have never met a client that wanted drywall dust in their curtains, on their bed, in their cereal, or on their china.

When developing our dust protection plan for a new project, we consider elements that go beyond dust control to include important factors such as child safety, overall site security, heating and AC zones, weather protection, pet safety, worker safety and accessibility to the project area.

We believe that taping up some sheets of plastic is simply not enough. We start by looking at access and asking questions like, “Can we simply avoid ever going into certain spaces?” Can we temporarily separate work space from living space. Plastic is almost never enough. Our typical approach includes the installation of “Pressure Fit” framed walls (no screws nails go into floor/walls/ceilings).  We have even installed external stairs so the workers aren’t forced to use the client’s main entry way or back door.

Don’t worry about this being more expensive, this is FAR less expensive to everyone!  What would you rather do, pay for a company to clean your house daily, or have them build a temporary wall once,  in less than a day and keep your house clean for the entire project?

In the pictures below you will see:

  1. Temporary walls framed with the seams taped
  2. Interior doors installed into existing openings and taped to allow access when necessary but 100% dust free
  3. Floor protection/rail protection/house security

To find out more, contact Vincent D’Avena at 703-307-7860.

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