Everyone has a friend of a friend that had an ice maker, or washing machine, or dishwasher fail and we all know what happens next.  Anybody that has had this happen wishes that they could go back and buy a one-time $300 insurance policy to prevent their flood.  Would you buy the policy, or would you rather have a remediation company in your house drying out carpets, replacing drywall, replacing floors, and painting what was a perfectly nice family room and basement? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t an insurance policy that will prevent a flood, yet there is a fairly inexpensive device that you can install that will do the same thing.  Most people can do it themselves. When we talk about “sustainability” we like to think about preventing major issues; this device will automatically shut off water pipes if you have a leak from a laundry unit, ice maker, washing machine or toilet. 

These devices can be installed most of the time without the help of a plumber, all you do is follow the instructions.  Some of these devices even have the ability to send you an email now!

The links keep changing, but if you go to www.smarthome.com and search for “water valve shutoff” you’ll be able to read more about the technology.

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