Would you want your family to fly on an airplane that didn’t get serviced regularly? Of course not! Well, don’t let your family live in an unserviced home, either.  We’d all rather not spend hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars on maintenance.  Wouldn’t you rather go on a vacation than hire a painter to caulk what you can’t see from your yard?

I almost didn’t write this blog as it sounds a LOT like an upsell.  Its not, though; it’s preventative maintenance and it can save lots of money and headaches.  I’ve renovated many homes simply because our clients were forced to either fix the rotten wood or repair and update their home at the same time.

Paint is a great protector of wood but most people don’t realize that it can work against you, too. Wood can be rotting behind paint and you would never know it!  In fact, once even the smallest amount of water gets behind paint, it WILL damage your drywall and/or wood.  If you have a water issue on the inside of your house, you typically see a water stain.  However, since exterior paint is designed to repel water, most water stains don’t show through.  The water, like it or not, will certainly do damage to your house.

So what do you need to do?  Every 2 years you should caulk above and around all of your exterior windows, doors and exterior joints.  During this process they may find some rotten wood. If they do, then you’re not caulking and painting enough. You can either paint and caulk more or replace the wood with a product that can’t rot.

Water WILL find a way, it always does…   Don’t forget, a little caulking will go a long way and will extend the life of your paint job a few years.

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