How many times have you said to your kids, “Go outside and play!”?

The simple fact is that its becoming less common for our kids to go outside and play any more.  We all remember coming home from school and running outside to play, only to return when our name echoed through the sunset. But with all of the team sports, recitals, after school clubs and such, there doesn’t seem to be as much time. Also, why would you go out and play when you can watch a video on an IPad, or play XBox, or talk on a group chat? It’s very easy to occupy yourself on the couch.

Another major change in our lives is the home, itself.  Unless the weather is great there is nowhere to play!  Today most of our homes are completely finished, without that empty, basementy zone where nothing is in danger of breaking. No longer can you go to the basement and throw a tennis ball, ride a tricycle or hit a baseball into a net.

My clients have been asking more and more about this dilemma.  How can we activate our home, what can we do to make some of the less used rooms a great play area?  How can we bring the outdoors inside for cold, rainy, windy days or for days that its just too hot and buggy to go outside?  There are just so many excuses as to why kids don’t go outside any more.

A great solution is to add a multi-use, sound proofed space where you can hit a baseball, kick a soccer ball, jump, run, and have fun.  The space in the photographs above was designed so it’s both sound proofed and 99% indestructible.   Its set up now for sports but could be a great room for a high school band, home gym (host P90x, Insanity, yoga or Zumba classes), to play with remote control cars, to play dodgeball, or just go and hang out as kids (or adults!).

We’re a huge fan of an “Active” multi use space that can grow and evolve with you and your family.

If you’re interested in learning about how your home can evolve with you, give me a call at 703-307-7860.

Vincent D’Avena

Owner, Intellectual Homes